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Behind the Scenes with Artist Logan Ledford

Have you seen our Chila ‘Original video spotlight on Logan Ledford? This stylish, creative, and totally down-to-earth artist invited us into her cozy apartment to swirl up a winter cocktail, build a frozen centerpiece, and chat about art in the company of friends. We filmed the whole experience so that you can meet Logan and make these DIY party projects, too. If you haven’t already, be sure to watch the video!

Want to know more about Logan, off camera? We sat down with this inspirational lady to learn about her story, her art, and her experience so far as a Chila ‘Original. Read our Q&A with Logan below.


How did you become an artist?

I’ve been creating art since I was three years old. My grandparents were huge community art supporters and were big into the New Orleans art scene in the 60s, so they always supported me. My grandpa even had an entire wall in his apartment dedicated to displaying my artwork!

In middle and high school, I continued to explore art in a special arts program at my school. I was lucky to have teachers that were so inspiring — all of them were practicing artists themselves. They really pushed me to find my own style.

I ended up studying interior design in college and then became interested in graphic design, too. But when I wasn’t studying, I still kept painting. I would make paintings to hang in my dorm or apartment.

After college I went on a big trip to Europe with friends. When I got home, I really wanted to paint some of the photos I took during the trip. But instead of realistically painting the images, I decided to put the photographs under a piece of clear acrylic and just paint the big blocks of colors coming from the buildings. I’ve always considered pairing colors as one of my stronger skills, so that’s how I approached it. Eventually I started experimenting with more shapes and colors and ended up creating a circle with four colors. It was a happy accident.


What makes your artwork different?

For one, I don’t use a paintbrush or palette, at all. I just use paint straight out of the tube. As a result, I have a ton of different paint brands so that I have the widest range of colors!

Stylistically, my work is very consistent. I hone in on four sets of colors and create an entire composition out of them. My paintings are very graphic and structured in terms of how they’re organized, but the colors and textures are more wild and out of control.

How did it feel to be on camera for this project?

[Laughs] It was awkward! No, really. I guess I did okay. Sometimes when I’m talking, I try to put words and sentences together that sound interesting… but I’m not sure whether I achieved that or not. I’m also wondering whether I should have smiled more, because my normal expression is kind of neutral. Despite my expression, I promise I was having fun!


We love your look! Where’d you get that outfit?

I picked this outfit just for tonight, but I think it will work well for other occasions like New Year’s, too. It’s definitely an outfit that says “bam!” [laughs]. But, at the same time, the whole outfit is still carefully curated. The top is vintage and the bottoms are from H&M. I chose this J. Crew necklace as the single statement piece to bring it all together.

What did your friends think of the salted caramel cocktail?

We loved it! It’s perfect for this time of year and a fun drink to impress guests with. And get this: I even made it for my boyfriend and his friends the other night when they were over to watch the football game. They thought it was really good, too!


What was your favorite part of this project?

Getting to hang out with the camera crew and working with the Chila team. It was really fun to spend a day with them and collaborate together. It’s a huge support and encouragement to me that they liked my artwork enough to choose me for this video.


If you had one piece of advice for others looking to pursue their passion, what would it be?

I’d tell them to be true to their style, and not to be shy about it. I’d also tell them to get out there on social media, because that’s a place where you can really showcase your work!